Kitchen Table Magic

In my family, like so many others, the kitchen table is the heart of our home. We eat at it, yes, but it is also where we play games (Uno, M:tG and D&D being our favorites). It is where we discuss important matters of finances, school, work and our feelings. We pile our groceries on the table after shopping and before putting them away. Right now I am writing these words at it while watching the squirrels stuff themselves with the sunflower seeds we scatter on the patio.

Our current table is one we picked up second hand for $60 after our housemates moved out and took theirs with them. It is a round, wood table with four chairs and two leaf inserts. It is also the first kitchen table I’ve ever bought for myself. In the past our family has used a folding conference table, a card table, a desk and even, the first couple of weeks after we moved into this house, a large cardboard box.

Because this was going to be a purchase, I put a lot of thought into what kind of table I wanted; something that would suit our needs perfectly. What I got does just that. The size and shape works with the dine in kitchen space, something that had been an issue with the housemate’s overly large rectangular table. And the chairs are sturdy in a way that should survive the chaotic energy of my son (who has destroyed several chairs just by being himself).

Make it Magickal

Cleanse your Table

Make a cleansing wash of vinegar, lemons and sun water to keep the table clear of the build up of unwanted energies.

To make the wash, place lemon peels in a glass jar with a lid. Pour in enough white vinegar to cover the peels and put on the lid. Let the vinegar sit for two weeks, giving it a shake every other day. After the two weeks, strain out the peels using a cheesecloth or coffee filter to keep any small pieces out of the vinegar. The peels can be discarded or composted. Store the vinegar in a glass bottle with a lid.

Sun water is like moon water, but made during the day to capture the cleansing energy of sunlight. Set a bowl of water out at noon where sunlight will fall on it. Leave the water to “sunbathe” for about an hour. Then store in an airtight container for later use. Make sure to label the container. I like to use moon water for blessing and sun water for cleansing. To quote Louis Brandeis, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”

Mix one part of the vinegar and one part of the sun water together in a spray bottle. Spray down the surface of the table and wipe dry. Both lemons and vinegar have magickal properties of cleansing and purification. Combined with the firey, mystical sanitary properties of the sun, this wash will clean away any energies that have settled on your table, be they of magickal, emotional or spiritual origin. The vinegar and lemon combination also provide physical cleaning, which is a nice added bonus.

Table Blessing

After you have cleansed your table, you are going to want to lay down some protection and blessings on it.

To bless your table, perform this ritual: Gather a white candle and dress it with an anointing oil of blessing.  Anointing oils are made by infusing herbs in a carrier oil. You can also add drops of essential oils to the carrier oil if you don’t have the time or inclination to make one from scratch. Blessing oils made from lavender or rose are appropriate for this ritual.

Place the candle in the middle of your table and light it. As you do so say “Love abides here. Peace abides here. Comfort, Joy & Abundance abides here.” Visualize warm, soft white light spreading out from the candle’s flame. See the light encircling the table, and sinking into it. Visualize the table glowing with the light before it settles completely into the physical material of the table.

View your table through the eyes of love and abundance and all the energies you want people to feel when they sit at it. Imagine scenes or call to mind memories of good times shared at the table. Place your hands on the tabletop and push the emotions of comfort, peace, kinship, etc. through the palms of your hands into the table. Fill it up until it is bursting with positive energy. Once done, stop the flow of emotions and hold your hands over your heart.

You can add whatever blessings your path uses to finish off the spell.  Then snuff the candle. You can use the candle again, whenever you need to repeat the ritual.

Manifesting Magick

You use your kitchen table every day. Here are some suggestions to make it a workplace or altar for your spellcraft.

🔮 Add a centerpiece with materia magica to manifest prosperity, peace or love. Not a fruit person? Keep a bowl of almonds, cashews and pecans in their shells on your table as a prosperity mix, and a tasty snack.

🔮 Keep items like salt, fruit and butter on the table to always have food in the pantry.

🔮 What does your table shape mean magickally? Round tables can hold the energy of circles, which represents the spirit.  Square and rectangular tables, due to their four sides, invoke energies of the physical realm. Put those correspondences to work by using your table in your magickal workings. Use a round table as an altar for spells involving the spirit, divination, dreaming and astral planes. For spells that involve money, health, fertility, etc. use your square or rectangular table.

🔮 Use an anointing oil to draw sigils on the table to bring health and peace to those who dine at it. If you are going to be hosting a difficult conversation at the table use sigils to aid in open communication. And don’t forget the seats! You can anoint the chairs for health. If you are concerned about damage to the surfaces, anoint the underside of the furniture.

🔮 Table linens can bring magick to your dinners. Wash your tablecloth with a couple drops of clove or rose essential oil to infuse it with loving energies.

🔮 Invite any deities or spirits you work with to dine with you by setting a place at the table for them. Fill their dish with portions of your meal. The food can later be disposed of as any other offering.

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