Today I start my Hanged Man year. It is a year of breaking patterns, addressing unresolved issues, and accepting and surrendering to circumstances.*

I’m taking this to mean that I am moving on from a scarcity mindset, always worried about money and paying my bills, to one that is more orientated towards thriving. I have a good idea of what thriving would look like, and, even better, I have an blueprint on how to make that happen.

I am grateful for my Strength year, which saw us struggling and eventually moving to Wyoming where we have started to flourish. I plan on nurturing the seeds planted in the previous years. To carry on the gardening metaphor, this year will be about weeding out those thought patterns that no longer serve me. And I will water my life with affirmations and acceptance that I deserve to have a comfortable life.

I thank you all for being on this journey with me so far. I promise that the upcoming year will be full of more kindness, more crafting and more magic.

*Information on Tarot years can be found in Angeles Arrien’s The Tarot Handbook.

Tarot card from the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck.