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  • Creating Your Own Magickal Correspondences

    Creating Your Own Magickal Correspondences

    On October 28, 2020 Sew Witchy was discussed and reviewed by RhomanysRealm on Youtube. Someone in the the comments section asked about the magickal correspondences I gave for the stitches and how someone would go about assigning correspondences to those stitches not covered in the book. This is a topic that I spent a lot…

  • Plarn: Its Crafting and Magical Uses

    Plarn: Its Crafting and Magical Uses

    In my book, Sew Witchy, I’ve written on magical correspondences of various fabrics.  My focus there was on natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool and silk).  Not all crafters and sewists limit themselves to natural materials, though.  In fact I’d hazard a guess that very few do.  One could, I suppose, use only silk or cotton…

  • Spell for Overcoming Obstacles

    Spell for Overcoming Obstacles

    Domestic witchery is a fascination of mine, I think because it seems like it would be the oldest and most common form of witchcraft.  Or maybe it’s just the lazy part of me that appreciates being able to accomplish two tasks in one. This spell is one I’ve been working with over the last year…