• Article in Llewellyn’s Journal

    Today my article on last minute kitchen witch gifts went live over at Llewellyn. You can read the article here.

  • Free E-book, Yulecraft: 9 Projects to Make and Give

    Free E-book, Yulecraft: 9 Projects to Make and Give

    My ebook, Yulecraft: 9 Projects to Make and Give is available for free on Amazon right now until December 1. The book contains step by step instructions with photos to guide you through making these nine witchy projects perfect for Yule or Christmas gift giving. It ranges from the easy stocking stuffer of no-sew book…

  • Coffee & Cauldrons Podcast Interview

    Coffee & Cauldrons Podcast Interview

    I had the pleasure of talking with Maria and Robyn of the Coffee & Cauldrons podcast. We chatted about Hestia, home magic, and how to make one’s home cozy this coming winter. You can find the episode, along with their others, on their website.

  • How to Celebrate a Witchy Yule

    How to Celebrate a Witchy Yule

    Want to get away from the commercialism of the winter holiday? Want to spend more time on family and friends and less money? Want to know how you can incorporate the Yule sabbat into your pagan and witchy practice? Join Raechel Henderson for her workshop How to Celebrate Yule. Go over the holiday’s origins, its…

  • Free Hestia Workshop

    Free Hestia Workshop

    I will be hosting a free online workshop on Sunday, November 12, at 6PM (MDT). The workshop will be over Zoom. I’ll be teaching about how to work with Hestia. This workshop will cover the history and meaning of Hestia, how she is relevant in today’s society, and how to work with her to bring…

  • Letting Go Via the Four Elements

    Letting Go Via the Four Elements

    Saturday I was feeling anxious, on edge and annoyed. I was stuck on the long list of things we still need and have to do and the limited funds and time we have to do it in. I was snapping at my family and just not in a good headspace at all. My saint of…

  • Tutorial: Sewing Tin Oracle

    Tutorial: Sewing Tin Oracle

    It seems like there is a form of divination for everything. There are the usual suspects: reading tea leaves (tasseomancy) and Tarot cards (cartomancy), fire gazing (pyromancy) and bird watching (augury). And there are more esoteric divination methods like spatilomancy (reading portents in animal excrement), tyromancy (divination by cheese), and belomancy (prophesying via arrows). Basically,…

  • Sew Witchy: Pitching the Book

      When I decided to try to find a publisher for my book, Sew Witchy (née Sew Craft) I had a vague idea of what I was doing.  A few year prior I had done a round of submissions on a fantasy novel.  I knew writing a nonfiction proposal would be a different process, so…

  • Burlap Cross Stitched Pumpkin

    Burlap Cross Stitched Pumpkin

    I’m not ready just yet for fall. We’ve had a wet, hot summer and I’ve enjoyed it, as have the plants in the garden. But even so, I do hear the siren song of pumpkins and soup weather. So I took an afternoon to play around with an idea I’ve had for a while: cross…

  • The Witch’s Closet Sketchbook and Test Garments

    I’ve been working on all new garments for the fourth book and I’m very pleased with how they are turning out. There is (from top to bottom): The Fairy Witch Gown, The Triangle Dress, The Tiered Skirt, The Rectangular Pinafore (seen here over the Chemise Gown), and a sket for a patchwork skirt. This book…

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